I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in Austin. My career path has always been about helping people. For the first 20 years of my career I was a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Administration. My goal was to help the nursing staff deliver the care and healing that hospitalized patients seek and need.Eventually I realized that I wanted to take a turn in my career path and I earned a Master’s Degree in social work, with a desire to help people with the everyday problems of life and issues related to mental health. I have been a LCSW for 25 years in various types of practice settings.


About 10 years ago I trained one of my greyhound dogs to be a certified therapy dog and eventually I was hired as the Executive Director of Divine Canines in Austin. The services that are provided by the dog teams are very related to different types of mental health issues. I had the opportunity to help develop some of the programs that Divine Canines has participated in. I continue to do this important volunteer work.

By working directly with groups that want to use therapy dogs with their clients and students, I have direct involvement in studying and designing experiences and interventions that could be used by the volunteer handlers and their dogs.

I have incorporated my therapy dog into my practice as a counselor and therapist. Skylar is present in the counseling area and ready to be a support and comfort to the clients as he promotes emotional, physical and spiritual healing.